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Arthur Evans
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Arthur Evans (Alex Rocco) is the father of Magic City's main character, Ike Evans. He is a streetwise ex-bookie, and can sense that his son is getting involved with some shady characters. (namely Ben Diamond) Arthur is a heartbroken widower after being married to Ike's mother for 52 years.


Arthur Evans is Ike’s widower father. Decidedly non-religious, Arthur is a Russian Jew who has never been inside Temple a day in his life, not even when his beloved wife of 52 years died. These days, Arthur keeps company with curvaceous nurse Inez but misses his wife more with each passing year. Arthur ran a little sports book in his younger years and is wise to the ways of the world. His pride in Ike’s accomplishments with the Miramar Playa is tempered only by his knowledge that there’s more to the story, despite Ike’s protests.[1]

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