Janice Michaels
Janice Michaels
Dave Donahue - boyfriend (deceased)
Stevie Evans - ex-boyfriend
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Janice Michaels is a recurring character in the first season. She is played by co-star Willa Ford and debuts in "The Year of the Fin". Ford was promoted to guest star from "Suicide Blonde" onwards. Janice is a young woman living in Miami. She dates Stevie Evans and then later Dave Donahue.



Janice is dating Stevie Evans, a bartender at the prestigious Atlantis Lounge at the Miramar Playa Hotel. Stevie's father Ike Evans is the hotel's owner.

Season 1Edit

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Janice fellates Stevie while he is driving her car. He closes his eyes and drifts into oncoming traffic. He swerves to avoid a collision and crashes her car into a lake. He stops seeing her afterwards.[1]

Janice begins dating Dave Donahue, the high dive performer at the Miramar Playa. Dave also moonlights as a burglar, using his athleticism and knowledge of the hotel to break into guests rooms by scaling the outer walls. Dave breaks into Stevie's room and steals a set of photographs that show Stevie sleeping with Lily Diamond, the wife of organized crime boss Ben Diamond. Janice helps him to make copies of the photographs. Dave plots to blackmail Stevie.[2]

Janice attempts to warn Stevie about the photos but he brushes her off, thinking she is angry about her car. Dave sees her approaching Stevie and breaks into her place to warn her off. He grabs her while she is in the shower and forces himself on her.[3]

Dave is found dead in the hotel pool. Janice suspects Stevie and delivers her copies of the photographs to Ben Diamond's house.[4]


Season 1 appearances
"The Year of the Fin" "Feeding Frenzy" "Castles Made of Sand" "Atonement"
"Suicide Blonde" "The Harder They Fall" "Who's The Horse And Who's The Rider?" "Time and Tide"


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