Patti Austin
Patti Austin
Full name
Patti Austin
Date of birth
August 10, 1950 (1950-08-10) (age 66)
Place of birth
New York City, New York, USA
In season(s)

Patti Austin, born August 10, 1950 (1950-08-10) (age 66) in New York City, New York, USA, is a singer, composer and actress. She co-stars in the first season premiere "The Year of the Fin" as Ella Fitzgerald. She has sung at the Emmy Awards and has a long and successful career as a recording artist.



Season 1 credits
"The Year of the Fin" "Feeding Frenzy" "Castles Made of Sand" "Atonement"
"Suicide Blonde" "The Harder They Fall" "Who's The Horse And Who's The Rider?" "Time and Tide"

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